Later in life, it becomes a treasure of unsurpassed value.

Our bodies were created with RESILIENCE, the ability to recover from and adapt to change. The variety of uses of our bodies in daily activities requires this ability to change and adapt. We adapt our posture for movement, sports, work and when injured. These adaptations, if held repetitively or for long periods of time, can move our bodies out of alignment and into pain. Over time, a little pain here and a little pain there has the potential to become big pain everywhere.

The RESILIENT BODY METHOD is an approach to movement developed by Linda Rigell that takes the wisdom of the past and supports it with the latest research in human anatomy to provide techniques for restoring and maintaining body resilience for pain-free living.

whiteFunctional Movement Testing to identify compromised body movement patterns,

whiteCorrective Exercise to reestablish proper movement patterns,

whiteThe MELT Method a unique self treatment technique designed to rehydrate connective tissue, reconnect to the body’s core, reestablish balance and therefore, release chronic and acute tension and pain and,

whitePurna Yoga for the sheer enjoyment of full body movement with stability and comfort.

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