These recordings are intended as a supplement to in-person instruction.
Recordings 1 through 9 are the basic MELT moves as taught in the workshop series. Some moves are modified for the Intro workshops and they are noted as 1a, 5a, 6a.

1 Soft Ball Hand Treatment Recording

1a Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment

1b Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment for Arthritis

2 Rebalance

Rebalance with Shoulder Blade Reach and Neck Turn

3 Upper Body Length (with Rebalance)

4 Neck Release

5 Upper Body Compression

5a Mini Upper Body Compression

6 Soft Ball Foot Treatment

6a Mini Soft Ball Foot Treatment

7 Lower Body Compression

Lower Body Rinse

8 Lower Body Length

9 Low Back Release

10 Basic Sequence

11 Map for Sciatica

12 Shoulders Tune Up with large MELT ball

13 Reduce the Pooch
Remember to do the Soft Ball Foot Treatment first.

14 Low Back Pain Map with mini Foot Treatment

Pelvic Floor Recordings 15 through 19
Use Recording 10, Reduce the Pooch, to prepare your core.
15 Alignment

16 Pelvic Tone and Clam

17 Legs Up the Wall

16 Founder

18 More Legs and Glutes

19 Face Lift

20 Advanced Legs (Front Thighs), Hips, Low Back