Private Resilient Body Sessions and Workshops with Linda Rigell

Private Sessions are the best way to derive the vast benefits of the Resilient Body Method, because all instruction and recommendations are tailored specifically to individual needs.


Private Sessions

Private sessions are structured to include three primary components:

  1. Assessment using Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to identify compromised body movement patterns
  2. MELT Method instruction to hydrate the connective tissue for long-term stability and continual ease of movement.
  3. A personalized Corrective Exercise Plan designed to reestablish proper movement patterns.

2-60 minute sessions for $135
(Price includes primary session and 1 follow-up session. Additional follow-up sessions $80.)


Resilient Body Workshops

Linda also teaches a wide variety of workshops for small groups that feature the Resilient Body Method. Workshops are designed to provide relief for stresses in generalized areas of the body that are common sources of physical discomfort such as the lower back, hips, shoulders, upper back, neck, hands, and feet.

90 minute session–$30/person
120 minute session-$35/person

(Minimum 3 people in Kitsap County and Jefferson County, Washington; minimum 6 people elsewhere. Maximum workshop size is 10 people.)