Linda Rigell helps her students enhance their body awareness in order to address their physical imbalances and to maintain freedom of movement. Our bodies are incredibly resilient. It really does not take a whole lot of effort to keep them in good working order barring serious trauma or surgery. Linda combines certifications and insights from the following contemporary innovators and thought leaders in the fitness field to help her students maintain full mobility and ease of movement.

    Sue Hitzmann, MELT Method
    Gray Cook, Functional Movement Systems
    Anthony Carey, Corrective Exercises
    Aadil Palkhivala, Purna Yoga
    Katy Bowman, Aligned and Well


She offers private instruction, classes and workshops in:


    MELT Method
    Posture and Alignment
    Therapeutic Yoga (Corrective Exercise)
    Purna Yoga


This approach to exercise takes the wisdom of the past and updates it with the latest scientific developments to provide techniques for resilient living.